Told with brazen humor, HAVE THONG WILL TRAVEL is a touching portrait of Albert Leslie Cochran, a 60-year-old cross-dressing, street person who became an Austin icon. Social activist, mayoral candidate, and talk show host, Leslie arrived in Austin in 1996, walking and biking through the Texas city famous for its embrace of individuality and self-expression. The film follows Leslie, a one-man show in his own absurdist theater, as he survives on unforgiving streets - all while wearing a thong and a smile. HAVE THONG WILL TRAVEL chronicles his journey to find peace while exploring the demons that drove him, the wit that kept him sane, and his passion for bringing awareness to social injustice. Leslie's story unfolds as we travel the streets with him and learn what it's like to be both a local celebrity and a pariah. To many, he was a beloved folk hero who fought for respect, independence, and self-expressionism in a cookie-cutter world. To others, he was a vagabond who enjoyed a broken system. But to a dedicated few, he was a beautiful spirit whose adventurous nature was punctuated by the pitfalls of self-sabotage and trauma. While Leslie searches for peace we find ourselves looking at a new definition of home and the beauty of friendship. Throughout his life, Leslie managed to create and foster a dynamic and provocative community around him. Coupled with hilariously shocking footage of the "Queen of Austin," HAVE THONG WILL TRAVEL presents Leslie Cochran as a troubled but beloved free spirit. Please visit for updates.
Co-Director/Producer: Tracy Frazier
Co-Director/Producer: Ruby Martin
Executive Producer: Austin Tighe
Cinematographer: Lee Daniel
Editor: Nevie Owens
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